About S&S

We work with creatives to construct powerful tracks. Our expert comprehension of audio theory, engineering technology and business practicals readies us to capture the distinctive style of each sound.

S&S Services

Sequence&Sound employs advanced audio theory and utilizes standard session procedures to develop high-caliber results. We work with musicians, speakers and other creatives to design and achieve desired project outcomes.

Sequence&Sound engineers are trained in various Digital Audio Workstations. In the technical realm, we focus on balanced signal flow and seasoned synthesis. We meticulously monitor levels in pre-production and precisely layer each track in post-production.

Our engineers collaborate with clients every step of the way, building a clear blueprint before raw sounds meet the microphone. We then work to fine-tune each component, directing a track from infancy to adulthood.



Our Expertise

  • Live Sound
  • Mastering & Recording
  • Video Game Implementation
  • Automated Dialogue Replacement
  • Post-production for Video & Film
  • Analog to Digital
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Technical Proficiency


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